WordPress fading content slider

WP Fading Content Slider is a customizable JQuery content slider with CSS3 animations and fading effects. This WordPress plugin was created and packaged by MBA Multimedia for the 2011 version of its Blog


The plugin

See it in action

Plugin can be seen here: Demo

Plugin can be downloaded here: Download

Installation notes

Download, install and activate the plugin in the wordpress admin “extensions” section.

Add the shortcode [fadingslider] in a post or page, where you want to display the slider.

Add posts or pages to the slider (at least 4) to make it work nicely.

How does it work?

Once activated, the plugin adds a checkbox in the past and page admin panels. By clicking this checkbox, you’ll add the current object in the slider. The slider will then use the featured image of the post or page to display it as the slide background image.


The plugin is based upon jQuery so Javascript must be enabled in your browser. Besides, the slider uses HTML5 markup and CSS3 animations and transitions. Your browser has to support them to work properly.


FAQ / Support



Frequently asked questions are listed on the official WordPress plugin page.

> See the FAQ


You wiil find existing support threads on the official WordPress plugin page.

Any support request or “ask-for-feature” should be done on this page.

> Support threads


Even if this plugin was packaged “As is”, we will consider adding the following features:

  • i18n: English at least!
  • Make the slider Responsive

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